Cuba with Pen and Pencil

Hartford Publishing Company, 1871 - 584 páginas

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Página 540 - O well for the fisherman's boy, That he shouts with his sister at play ! O well for the sailor lad, That he sings in his boat on the bay ! And the stately ships go on To their haven under the hill; But O for the touch of a...
Página 185 - Rear'd up from out the waters, scarce less strangely Than those more massy and mysterious giants Of architecture, those Titanian fabrics, Which point in Egypt's plains to times that have No other record. All is gentle : nought Stirs rudely; but, congenial with the night, Whatever walks is gliding like a spirit.
Página 415 - Soft hour ! which wakes the wish and melts the heart Of those who sail the seas, on the first day When they from their sweet friends are torn apart ; Or fills with love the pilgrim on his way, As the far bell of vesper makes him start, Seeming to weep the dying day's decay. Is this a fancy which our reason scorns ? Ah ! surely nothing dies but something mourns.
Página 152 - TO MY NOSE KNOWS he that never took a pinch, Nosey, the pleasure thence which flows, Knows he the titillating joys Which my nose knows? O Nose, I am as proud of thee As any mountain of its snows, 1 gaze on thee, and feel that pride A Roman knows!
Página 213 - They beheld several of the natives going about with firebrands in their hands, and certain dried herbs which they rolled up in a leaf, and lighting one end, put the other in their mouths, and continued exhaling aud puffing out the smoke. A roll of this kind they called a tobacco, a name since transferred to the plant of which the rolls were made.
Página 29 - And madly danced our hearts with joy, As fast we fleeted to the South : How fresh was every sight and sound On open main or winding shore ! We knew the merry world was round, And we might sail for evermore.
Página 123 - Cuevas," where they erected a handsome monument to him, by command of Ferdinand and Isabella, with the simple inscription, borne upon his shield, of— A CASTILE Y LEON, NUEVO MUNDO DIO COLON. In the year 1536, his body and that of his son Diego were removed to the city of St. Domingo, in the island of Hayti, and interred in the principal chapel. But they were not permitted to rest even there ; for on the...
Página 403 - Boca," to the south-west, where empties the river Tayabo, and that of the river Muse, to the southeast. The anchorage in the bay is not a very good one, as the water is so shallow that it necessitates the loading of vessels by lighters, unless they happen to be quite small. The town has quite an extensive series of wharves and warehouses, the principal portion of the shipping business being done down here, though the town itself is a straggling village, with a few large warehouses and the depot of...
Página 360 - The stems vary in height from eight feet up even to twenty feet, and are divided by prominent annular joints into short lengths. Long narrow leaves sprout from each joint ; but as the canes approach maturity, all those from the lower joints fall off. The outer part of the cane is hard and brittle, but the inner consists of a soft pith...
Página 350 - The buildings upon a first-class sugar estate are generally a dwelling-house (casa de viviendd), which, from its size, style, and cost, might sometimes be called a palace, some of them having, in addition to numerous other conveniences, small chapels in which to celebrate the religious services of the estate, the dwelling being occupied by the owner and his family, if living on the estate ; if not, by...

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